A bit of a European approach

March 25, 2019

If you think the apprentice approach recommended by John Wiley sounds a little like the European approach, you're not entirely wrong. This is an opt-in recommendation, so no student would be forced to follow an apprenticeship track. But the idea of some students locking into an apprenticeship and preparing for the transition to the work world upon graduation is a key part of Wiley's plan. Wiley writes: "I am recommending a more European approach to education. It is the style of education that prepares their young people to embrace their future and to actively pursue this career preparation as a central focus of education."

A key to making that happen is buy-in from the business community, which would need to commit to creating and maintaining apprenticeship opportunities across the Fox Cities.

Writes Wiley: "This book suggests that we in the Fox Cities reorganize our schools and build partnerships with both employers and parents in a coordinated effort to engage children of all ages in their own education and future. This is especially key for teens beginning at the age of 13 or 14 in the "Bottom Half."

Is your community up for that challenge? Are there business leaders ready and willing to step forward to get the conversation started?

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