Let your voice be heard

March 14, 2019

The only way to bring about change is for enough people to raise their voices and demand the change. John Wiley's vision is for his "Bottom Half Teens" to turn into a grassroots movement. The problem, he argues, is that those parents and teens who struggle with the traditional school hierarchy are the ones whose voices are rarely heard. He writes: "I feel I shouldn't have to say this to any American. There are so many voices that are unheard in the "Bottom Half" of our society. Those are the voices of parents looking for more for their children. It is the voices of children and teens who have little power to control their own destinies. These voices need to be answered. They need hope."

So, let's raise those voices. Let's raise our hands to take part in community conversations about Wiley's proposal. Don't let others speak for you. Grab a seat at the table and speak up.

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